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DCD or dicyandiamide is the active ingredient found in many fertilizers and additives marketed for their nitrification inhibition properties, including SUPERU fertilizer. SUPERU is a finished fertilizer with 8,500 ppm DCD that is backed by more than 30 years of research and hundreds of trials.
It’s no secret: the unpredictability of input costs has growers searching for more opportunities to cut spending—including on nitrogen stabilizers.
When it comes to being a farmer, it is no secret that unpredictability and challenges are a way of life. In fact, most of a farmer’s attention will typically be directed toward applying inputs, controlling pests and weeds, and attempting to analyze weather forecasts.
Zinc was one of the first micronutrients recognized as an essential nutrient vital for plants. This nutrient is needed throughout the growing season for crops to reach their full potential.