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Understanding Denitrification
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As a grower, you may not be able to control what you aren’t expecting, but you are capable of protecting your nitrogen investment from denitrification losses.
Deep Dive Video on Dentification Losses

Denitrification, a below-ground loss of nitrogen, is the breakdown of nitrates to gaseous nitrogen by bacteria in the soil. Poorly drained or waterlogged soil conditions and warm soil temperatures are most favorable to denitrification losses.  

To best understand how to minimize your losses, it is important to understand the factors that put your nitrogen at risk: 

  • Pre-plant, at-planting or early post-planting applications
  • Heavy textured soils with poor internal drainage 
  • Warm soil temperatures 
  • Highly saturated soils

Products that can help protect your nitrogen while optimizing yields include CENTURO nitrogen stabilizer or SUPERU premium fertilizer.

Take a deep dive into denitrification and learn more about the potential losses you face with untreated UAN or anhydrous ammonia, and the positive impact adding a nitrification inhibitor or dual inhibitor can have on your operation.


Article Categories: Blog Icon BLOG, CANADA, Nitrogen Loss
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